Cleaning the adhesive window films

how to clean adhesive window films to maximize their life

Protecting the veranda from the heat - part 2

Correct use of adhesive films to protect veranda or winter garden

Anti UV adhesive film

Anti UV adhesive film for windows. Transparent window films that delay the fading of furniture, curtains, carpets, books ...

Anti-fog adhesive film

Anti-fogadhesive film for windows and mirrors. This transparent film prevents condensation on the glass.

What type of glass do I have installed at home?

How do I know what type of glass I have installed at home or in the office?

Protect the veranda from sun heating

How to protect our veranda or winter garden from the heat

Covid-19 emergency. Less use of air conditioners

Films for solar shielding and less use of Covid-19 emergency air conditioners

How to install window tinting films

Our simple video guide to install blackout films on a glass

Custom cut films

Customized cutting service for window films

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