Reduce sun glare and filter light


Reduce glare from the sun and filter the light

If you have problems with glaring sun in your home or office and need to eliminate some light, the best product is a dual reflective adhesive film. Films such as the View90x (for double glazing or laminated glass) or the View90 (for thin glass) are multi-layered polyester adhesive films composed of a mirrored first outer layer and a slightly darkened inner layer. The external mirrored part will create privacy and thermal reflection, thus avoiding the dangerous overheating of the glass and at the same time will filter some of the external light; the internal blackout film will help to further diminish the light and glare coming from sunlight. A good anti-glare performance starts from a value of about 80% (20% filtered visible light or VLT), up to the value of 99% (1% VLT) of the View99x.

Attention: an outdoor film of this type cannot be applied on the inside and vice versa as the positions of the adhesives and UV protections on the film change.