Anti-fog adhesive film


Anti-fog film for glass and mirrors. This transparent film prevents the formation of condensation and fog on the glass.

Those who have never removed the condensation from the bathroom mirrors with a hairdryer or towel after a shower, raise your hand! Have you ever done it? I do. How many times does it happen that the windows of the house or of our veranda mist up, creating condensation during the winter? The same thing also happens in places where there is a lot of humidity or a high temperature difference between the internal and external environment.
anti-condesation film
With the transparent anti-fog anti-fog film you will always have clear vision whether you need to treat a mirror or a glass. The anti-condensation film has two transparent protective sheets, the first, to protect the adhesive, is removed before laying and the second after laying to protect the surface of the film until the last. If you need information, call us, or send an email to order the anti-condensation film.