Protecting the veranda from the heat - part 2

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Correct use of adhesive films to protect the veranda or conservatory

The treatment of glass in verandas with adhesive films for screening is always a type of installation to be evaluated very carefully.
The veranda or winter garden is typically a place that suffers from thermal accumulation often due to poor insulation combined with the presence of a large glass surface which by its nature is much less insulating and insulated than a wall. Many customers complain about the unlivability of the veranda in late spring, summer and early autumn despite the presence of air conditioners; when the sun beats on the glass, in fact, it creates a real greenhouse effect by raising the internal temperatures; very often the air conditioners present cannot dispose of the excessive heat. Sunscreen films can be the solution to this type of problem.
In 90% of cases, especially in the presence of double or safety glazing, the installation of the film must be done externally for two reasons:

1) safety and technique: avoid thermal stress and consequent possible breakage of the glass due to overheating of the glass with unsuitable products;

2) comfort and technique: it is always better to reject the incident energy of the sun before it enters the glass system to avoid direct heating of the glass itself ("radiator effect") in environments that already suffer from poor insulation a priori and ventilation.

One of the few cases in which an internal installation can be recommended is in the presence of monolithic glass, that is a single glass, the classic 4 mm transparent.

The technical literature advises against the laying of any type of film on the retinato glasses, that is those with the metal meshes drowned inside them. If you really have to screen the glass, a highly reflective film for exteriors (80%) is absolutely recommended.

The advice before buying a film for the veranda or for the winter garden is to call us to evaluate together the most suitable material