Protect the veranda from sun heating


How to protect our veranda or winter garden from the heat

Many of our customers make wonderful glass or polycarbonate structures on their terraces. The huge problem of these architectural interventions is that they become real greenhouses in the March / October period, often resulting un livable despite the fact that air conditioners are often installed; the lens effect that creates the sun through the glass is relentless so you need a screen protected from sunlight. Fortunately, solar films come to our aid and solve the problem. The only attention must be paid to the choice of suitable materials, in fact often the glass is anti-accident (stratified) in nature, therefore it must be treated with materials that do not overheat it and do not create dangerous accumulations of heat which can lead, in cases extreme, glass breaking due to thermal stress. Whenever possible, installing reflective materials externally is always the most effective and safest solution. Call us for a free consultation, if you have even better glass data sheets on hand.

pellicola solare per veranda