Cleaning the adhesive window films


How to clean adhesive window films to maximize their duration

The adhesive film for glass can be our precious ally in many situations: privacy protection, security, solar control, aesthetics, etc. What few people know, however, is that, in order to make them last as long as possible, proper maintenance and cleaning is necessary.
Proper cleaning is essential in order not to damage the plastic material (PET or PVC) prematurely and is essential for solar films, in order to keep them in perfect efficiency.

How do you clean the adhesive films? Soft cloth or glass wiper in soft rubber and neutral detergents, even better if you reuse the liquid used for the installation (water and neutral soap).

How often should the adhesive films be cleaned? It is usually recommended to clean up once a month at most, the films laid externally at least twice a year.


With these simple directions your films will last as long as possible.

A small premise must also be made on the laying of the material, which must be carried out correctly; simple but essential steps so that the adhesive and the polyester or PVC of the film do not deteriorate over time. The glass must be pre-conditioned and washed with water and neutral detergent, wet and scraped with a sharp razor blade to remove any residual dirt, then the film must be laid by wetting the glass with the solution of water and neutral detergent and left to dry.
The time indicated by all film manufacturers for the complete drying and polymerization of the adhesive is about 20/30 days; during this period it would be better not to clean or touch the films.
The safety films for interiors and all films for exteriors are absolutely recommended in some cases it is mandatory to seal them on the perimeter with specific neutral silicone or with sealing liquids for films . The perimeter sealing will allow the film to be preserved from any oxidation (metal-based films), infiltration of liquid dirt and fine dust and will tend not to flake the individual layers of the film over the years.