Anti UV adhesive film


Anti UV adhesive film for windows. Transparent window films that delay the fading of furniture, curtains, carpets, books ...

The sun kisses the beautiful, it's true, but in the long run its UV rays also tend to cause many problems to our skin and to the objects we have at home or in the shop window. Ultraviolet rays represent 3% of all sunlight arriving on earth and occupy a part of the solar spectrum between 100 and 400 nanometers (UVA 400-315 the light of wood, 315-280 medium waves and 280-100 waves germicidal court).

anti uv

UV rays promote reactions for the synthesis of vitamin D but are also responsible for molecular excitation in the DNA and are responsible for the fading of colors. Colored pigments can be of inorganic and organic nature; the former are on average more resistant than the latter when subjected to UV bombardment. UV rays are mainly responsible for the degradation of the pigment (discoloration or color change) therefore it is always recommended to install anti-UV window films that filter almost the entire spectrum. A film such as for example the Clear transparent allows to filter 99% of the rays between 100nm and 385nm. It is good to remember that even the infrared and the relative overheating of the object is partly responsible for the degradation of the pigment, in fact, whenever possible, it is always better to combine the anti-UV also with a thermal protection.