Ecobonus 50% and 65% for solar shading


Deductions between 50% and 65% of the costs incurred for solar control films and possible installation valid on the Italian territory

The interventions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the glass surfaces of houses and offices are, at present, part of the Energy bonus which allows to deduct 50% of the expenses incurred starting from 01/01/2020; the expenses are intended both as the purchase of material and also their possible installation. Taxpayers who incur energy redevelopment expenses and who have a real right on the property can access it. If interventions are carried out on common condominium parts or on each individual property of a condominium, the rate of deduction is 65%.

Shields must have the following requirements:

Solid and not removable (non-electrostatic)
To protect a glass surface
Installed inside or outside the glass surface
Technical shields
Coupled with the glass they must have a solar factor G of less than or equal to 0.35

Eligible expenses

Supply and installation
Dismantling and decommissioning of existing systems
Professional services (construction management, production of technical documentation ...)
Temporary and ancillary works

Documentation to be sent to ENEA

Summary form of the intervention within 90 days from the end of the works to be sent through the ENEA portal

Documentation to keep

Technical material certification
Summary report of the intervention with the CPID code assigned by the ENEA website
Any Shareholders' resolutions
Bank transfer receipts
Print email sent to ENEA with the CPID code